Madam Therapeutics


New strategies in the treatment of infections are warranted, as antibiotic resistance (antimicrobial resistance, AMR) is emerging. This resistance will increase over the coming years and decades because of the excessive use of traditional antibiotics in humans and animals.

Currently 700.000 annual deaths are contributed to antimicrobial resistance, but estimations tell us that by 2050 AMR will be responsible for about 10 million deaths annually, surpassing cancer and diabetes in annual fatalities. Globally AMR is viewed more and more as a significant public health threat.

Madam Therapeutics’ is a start-up that is developing antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) to combat resistant bacterial infections. Our AMPs are highly active against such bacteria and have a very favorable tolerance profile. Our AMPs combine two characteristics essential for such new strategies: powerful killing of bacteria and limited likelihood of emerging resistance.